About Starbucks Union

The Starbucks Workers Union is an organization of employees at the world's largest coffee chain united for a living wage, secure work hours, and respect on the job.  We are part of the Industrial Workers of the World, a union for all workers.  Working together, we have won improvements in wages and working conditions and remedied individual grievances with management.

The Starbucks Workers Union is driven by solidarity unionism, an innovative and powerful 21st century approach to improve our life at work.

Solidarity unionism means:

  • Any Starbucks worker can join the Union at anytime
  • We build strength by supporting each other with direct action
  • Joining the SWU is free, and if you decide to join the IWW as well it's only $9/month which includes a free subscription to the Industrial Worker newspaper

By becoming a member of the Starbucks Workers Union, you gain:

  •  Immediate access to co-workers around the country to protect you at work
  • The privledges of an organization that has already won wages increases and a Christmas bonus for workers around the country
  • A role in the movement of retail workers at major corporations organizing for a strong voice on the job

The more workers who join the Union, the more power we have on the job to win a living wage and guaranteed hours. If you choose, once you join you can be provided the tools necessary to talk to your co-workers about joining the Union. Deciding if you’d like to explain the Union to others is completely up to you. Involving others in the Union is both fun and challenging. The Union is our organization: created by Starbucks workers for Starbucks workers. Ready to join?