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Could We Run our Starbucks Cafe Without the Big Bosses in Seattle?

Fri, 05/11/2007 - 12:26pm -- SWU

Chocolate factory workers in Argentina figured out they could operate their workplace better without the bosses getting in the way: 

Here's the chocolate factory, but where has Willy Wonka gone?
No bosses in sight at plants taken over by ex-employees in new workers' revolution

"From the outside it is a nondescript industrial site in a drab suburb of Buenos Aires, the firm's logo barely visible. Inside, the first thing you notice is the smell of chocolate, honey, caramel, ice cream, cakes and jam. Machines hum while cheerful men in green overalls pack crates of confectionary.

The second thing you notice is the absence of bosses. There are no people in suits giving orders. They do not exist. Nor is there an official owner. Ghelco is run as a cooperative along democratic lines, with an equal say and equal pay."

Full Article from the Guardian

M17: Stand In Solidarity with Starbucks Workers on the Third Anniversary of the SWU

Thu, 05/10/2007 - 10:51pm -- SWU

Spanish Version 

Call to Action for a Day in Solidarity with Starbucks

May 17, 2007

Starbucks workers and their allies will take to the
streets around the world to demand justice from the
world's largest coffee chain for baristas and coffee
farmers.  Three years ago the corporate bosses at
Starbucks were sitting pretty on their multi-million
dollar fortunes, confident that anti-worker labor laws
would continue to ensure a workforce with zero union
membership in the United States.  But no matter the
constraints, working people will find a way to join
hands and struggle for justice until victory.  Three
years after the founding of the IWW Starbucks Workers
Union [StarbucksUnion.org], the organization has
members in multiple U.S states successfully using
Direct Action to rise out of poverty and articulate an
independent voice on the job.

To silence worker voices, Starbucks has disgracefully
terminated eight SWU baristas in retaliation for their
union activity.  The SWU has prevailed against
Starbucks to reinstate two of the members but six
remain out of a job.  Despite multiple Labor Board
complaints, the coffee giant continues to punish
baristas for discussing the union and relentlessly
forces union-busting propaganda down workers throats.
Starbucks must understand that working people of
conscience will not allow this affront to the dignity
of our class.

On May 17, commemorate the third anniversary of the
SWU and stand in solidarity with baristas and coffee
farmers with actions in your local community.   1)
Hold a spirited protest against Starbucks
union-busting, 2) reach out to baristas with a message
of support, 3) organize a fundraiser, or 4) choose
a different solidarity action.  Whatever you do,
you'll be part of a global effort challenging the
neoliberal logic that places profits over people.  

Starbucks workers are struggling not just for
ourselves and our families but for every worker at the
big brands who are looking for a collective voice and
a better life.  Join us.

Let us know about actions you are organizing by
sending an e-mail to StarbucksUnion@yahoo.com

Please take photos, video, and/or write up a report of
your action to share with workers around the world.

Together We Win.

IWW Starbucks Workers Union

Spanish Language M17 Call to Action for Global Day in Solidarity w/ Starbucks Workers

Thu, 05/10/2007 - 9:59pm -- SWU

El Día de Acción Mundial para Apoyar al Sindicato de
Trabajadores de Starbucks

Mayo 17, 2007

Los trabajadores de Starbucks y sus amigos aliados
tomaran a las calles para demandar justicia de la
cadena cafetera mas grande del mundo para
los baristas y granjeros de café.

Tres años atrás los jefes de la corporación Starbucks
estaban despreocupados y sentados muy bonito en sus
fortunas multi-millonarias, confiados que leyes
laborales contra el empleado continuarían
beneficiándoles con una fuerza de empleo sin miembros
de algún sindicato en los EE.UU. Pero aun enfrentando
obstáculos, los trabajadores encontraron la
manera de unirse y pelear por justicia hasta la
victoria. Tres años después de que el IWW Starbucks
Workers Union [StarbucksUnion.org], el sindicato ahora
tiene miembros en varios estados de los EE.UU. que
están usando acción directa para levantarse de la
pobreza y articular una voz independiente en el

Para silenciar las voces de los trabajadores,

Sheffield Food Not Bombs Demonstrates in Solidarity with the IWW at UK Starbucks

Thu, 05/10/2007 - 9:37pm -- SWU

On Saturday 5th May Sheffield Food Not Bombs staged a picket outside the Broomhill branch of Starbucks in solidarity with the IWW’s “Justice from Bean to Cup” campaign:

"Justice from Bean to Cup!" - A Human Rights Campaign in Solidarity with Starbucks Baristas and Coffee Farmers
Despite its attempt to create a socially responsible image, Starbucks’ failure to meaningfully embrace Fair Trade coffee and transparent purchasing has left coffee farmers and their children teetering on the brink of starvation in the Global South.
In Starbucks cafes, baristas are paid a poverty wage and the company insures a lower percentage of employees than Wal-Mart. Starbucks baristas are organizing a union with the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) for a better life on the job in the face of a fierce and unlawful union busting effort by the world's largest coffee chain.

The stall itself ran unexpectedly smoothly. Free coffee, tea, jaffa cakes and crisps were offered as an alternative to the overpriced drinks and food sold by Starbucks. The manager, who not surprisingly failed to appreciate the irony of Food Not Bombs using the same “aggressive marketing” strategy Starbucks uses to force other local coffee shops out of business, demanded the picket leave immediately else the police would be called. However, when the police showed it became clear that they dislike Starbucks’ attitude to employees and humanity in general as much as Food Not Bombs do, allowing the picket to continue. On the whole it was great to see so many members of the public actively interested in the disgraceful role Starbucks plays in union busting and abusing third world developers.

    *  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/sheffield-food-not-bombs 

SWU Baristas to Attend IWW East Coast Meetup in DC

Wed, 05/09/2007 - 11:41am -- SWU

No one is going to win justice for working people, except working people ourselves.   We've got to stop relying on politicians and service organizations.  It's time to get organized and fight back for a better life on and off the job. Join us in DC for the The Industrial Workers of the World East Coast Meeting:

May 12, 2007
12:15 pm - 5:15 pm        
Cleveland Park Library, 3310 Connecticut Avenue NW

Phone Contact: 202.321.8197



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